Excellent Roofing Assessment Services You Can Trust

Expert Witness:

Our company's longevity and expertise in construction science allow our firm to provide comprehensive data when negotiating construction claims. Serving our clients as an Expert Witness has resulted in large monetary awards to condominiums and school districts.

Infrared Roof Scans:

A highly effective testing procedure to find hidden anomalies that may contain moisture within a low slope roofing system. Moisture intrusion can be found in the open field, around roof drains, mechanical equipment, base and wall flashings, and other penetrations not detected by the human eye. As the roof membrane cools during the evening hours, any moisture trapped within the assembly remains warmer and radiates the heat back into the atmosphere, which is radiational cooling. An infrared scan can detect the area(s) of moisture intrusion and may save an owner the high cost of roof replacement with a minor repair.


Annual inspections are a necessity in evaluating the current conditions of a roof. Semi-annual and/or annual documented inspections are a requirement by roofing manufacturers. Failure to provide the documented inspections and maintenance of your roof may void the manufacturer's warranted repairs.

Roof Assessment Specialists, Inc. is a third-party consulting firm providing the property owner an unbiased report of the roof condition. All areas of the roof are inspected including penetrations, mechanical unit support stands, parapet walls, curb flashings, drains, gutters, perimeter flashings, and copings. A comprehensive image report, a roof CAD drawing indicating areas of anomalies, and a summary report are furnished with each inspection.

Roof Assessment Specialists, Inc. not only provides inspections but specification writing as well. We also provide full-time monitoring of the installation of a new roof. This ensures that the roof is being installed according to the written specifications to receive the manufacturer's warranty. We provide site-specific roof management programs designed to maintain your roof throughout the warranted life and beyond.